A major update of KiddEd is available

A new version of KiddEd is available. It comes with several additions, improvements and bugfixes:

  • Improved „Make Alex flash during invincibility“ hack
  • Added „Chat with the community“ menu item to join KiddEd’s Discord Server
  • Added a grid to the Sprite Editor
  • Added highlighting of hovered sprites in Sprite Editor
  • Allow zooming in more in Sprite Editor
  • Allow moving sprites with arrow keys in Sprite Editor
  • Show attributes for lethal/interactable in tileset of the Metatileset Editor
  • Redesigned Physics Editor
  • Made the physics of several enemies, Alex’s states, vehicles and missiles editable
  • Fixed a bug that could cause issues when tilesets were added/removed
  • after swapping levels
  • Added tooltips for entities showing their names, IDs and extra data
  • Added an option to the PSGlib sound engine to adjust tempo on PAL to match NTSC
  • Added palette cycles (titlescreen/water/invincibility) to Palette Editor
  • Improved the usability of the add/remove tile handle in the Tile Editor

Emulicious got an update

An update of Emulicious has been released.

This update comes with the following improvements:

  • The PAUSE key on the keyboard can now also be used for pausing the emulator (do not confuse with suspend)
  • The disassembler now supports multiple labels at the same address
  • WLA-DX’s _sizeof_ labels do not show up in the disassembly anymore
  • Added support for child labels
  • Breakpoints are based on expressions now instead of just addresses.
    This improves the use of breakpoints for ROM development
  • Fixed a bug with sustain in YM2413 emulation (thanks to Kagesan)
  • Fixed a repain glitch in the disassembler table
  • Added a Sound Viewer
  • Fixed an issue in Memory Tracer for the Game Boy Color
  • Improved batch file to work independently from the current working directory

A major update of Emulicious has been released

This update comes with several additions and improvements.

One of these addition is the emulation of the FM chip of the SEGA Mastersystem. When it is enabled in the menu Options->Emulation->Master System then games supporting this chip will play music on it.

People interested in developing, hacking or researching games will be happy to see the new tabs in the Memory Editor. For the Master System and Game Gear a tab for VDP register and a tab for PSG registers have been added. For the Game Boy and Game Boy Color a tab for OAM and a tab for HRAM have been added. All systems received a Palettes tab in the Memory Editor.
Additionally, the memory tracer (previously only available for Master System and Game Gear) now also supports the Game Boy and Game Boy Color.

Furthermore, the UI of the disassembler table of the debugger has been improved. Its first column now spans the whole width of the table.

Last but not least, the Go To dialogs and the Find dialogs have been improved. The Go To dialogs are now enhanced by auto-completion facilities and the Find dialogs received a history and several search options.

The full list of changes follows:
  • Added FM chip emulation for the SEGA Mastersystem
  • Added a Clear Log button to the Breakpoint Window
  • Added Palettes tab to the Memory Editor
  • Added VDP and PSG tabs for Mastersystem/Game Gear to the Memory Editor
  • Added OAM and HRAM tabs for Game Boy (Color) to the Memory Editor
  • Added Memory Tracer support for Game Boy (Color)
  • Added Watchpoints for the Memory Editor tabs
  • Improved the UI of the disassembler table
  • Improved Go To dialogs by adding auto-completion
  • Improved Find dialogs by adding a history and several search options
  • Fixed cropped images in screenshots taken from Game Boy games

An update of Emulicious is available

This update adds undo/redo functionality for debugger run actions. When you notice during stepping that something in your code went wrong you can just undo your last steps and try again.

Furthermore, a Discord Server for Emulicious was launched. A menu item to join this server was added to the Help menu. This server can be joined via the following link: https://discord.gg/YuKjBUF

Additionally, the file Expressions.txt was added which contains explanations and examples on how to use expressions in Emulicious.

A minor update of Emulicious is available

This update introduces the possibility to specify what message to log when a breakpoint is hit. These messages can consist of multiple expressions separated by commas.
An example is "Entered WaitForVBlank at scanline ", scanline
(The quotation marks need to be there to indicate a string)
This will yield log messages such as the following:
Entered WaitForVBlank at scanline 100

Unfortunately, there was an issue with the automatic update system and you might need to manually download the new version from the Downloads page.

A new version of Emulicious is available

A major update of Emulicious is available

This new version of Emulicious enables you to load your own source files into the debugger. This means that you no longer have to step through a disassembly of your code when developing a game. Instead, you can step through the code you wrote.

Additionally the outline has been improved and now shows different icons for code and data. You can even decide if you want to hide code or data labels from the outline. The Reference Hierarchy also uses the new icons now.

A full list of changes can be found below:

  • The debugger now allows to load sourcefiles so you can work with your own code now
  • The disassembler now groups consecutive runs of equal bytes with dsb directives
  • Added Volume levels to Sound menu
  • The Outline can hide code or data now
  • Outline and Reference Hierarchy use icons now to differentiate between code and data
  • Coverage data is now persisted
  • The memory editor now allows to save the current selection as a binary file
  • On Mac OS when Emulicious is closed via Cmd+Q it will now also save its settings
  • Fixed issues with symbols loaded from SDCC map files
  • Fixed wrong position of current address in overview ruler
  • Several minor bugfixes and improvements

A new version of KiddEd is available

A new version of KiddEd is available. It comes with several additions, improvements and bugfixes.

  • Added a hack to make the character flash during invincibility instead of changing his color
  • Added a hack to make items flash before they vanish
  • Added the tiles of petrified Janken to the Tile Editor
  • Made it possible to add tiles to the Hirotta Stone Tileset
  • Fixed a bug in the hack „Make shocking waves of destruction hit only once“ because of which octopus tentacles couldn’t be hit by shocking waves anymore
  • The starting screen of a level with castle layout can contain entities now these entities won’t get loaded when the level is started but when the starting screen is reentered
  • On Mac OS when KiddEd is closed via Cmd+Q it will ask if changes should be saved (thanks to Kilkakon)
  • Several minor bugfixes and UI improvements

A major update of Emulicious is available

A major update of Emulicious got released!

It comes with lots of improvements:

  • Finally, you can now play your favorite games using a USB game pad connected to your PC
  • The setup input dialog has been restructured
  • BIOS emulation for the SEGA Game Gear has been added
  • An option to skip all breakpoints has been added
  • Previously, screenshots taken from a Game Gear game had contained the offscreen area. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug with expressions that could lead to misbehavior of the emulated system
  • The Memory Editor now shows the value of the selected byte in multiple formats
  • The Reference Hierarchy has been improved
  • The Outline has been improved
  • Several improvements of the disassembler
  • The emulation accuracy of the Light Phaser has been improved

An update of KiddEd is available

An update of KiddEd is available.

  • The Cragg Lake bonuslevel is now split from the Cragg Lake level.
    This makes Cragg Lake a regular level in which screens can be added/removed now
    and its layout can now be converted to other layouts like with other levels.
  • The hacks „Make crown work in every level“ and „Make Cragg Lake entities editable“
    became obsolete now and got removed.
  • A bug in the hack „Use Mega Drive start button for pause“ got fixed.
    If you had applied this hack before just apply it again to incorporate the bugfix.
  • The text of the ending sequence can now be edited freely with the raw data editor
    at the bottom of the Text Editor.

KiddEd updated

An update of KiddEd is available.

It comes with several bugfixes and some minor UI improvements.

Additionally, the following features have been added:

  • The layout of level 3 can now be converted
  • A hack has been added to use the start button of a mega drive pad for the pause button
  • When converting to castle layout the dimensions of the level can now be set
  • The starting screen in a castle layout can now be set
  • Levels can now be exported to the format of the General Scroll Library by psidum (GSlib)