Minor update of Emulicious available

I have been fairly busy this month so I couldn’t spend as much time on the update as I would have liked to.
Nevertheless the list of changes hasn’t turned out short 🙂

Thanks to everyone for their continuous support! I wish you’re all going to have a happy new year!

The full list of changes is:

  • Added support for Gamepads on M1 Macs (thanks to mattcurrie)
  • Made Set Code / Set Data with multiple selected lines apply on all selected lines (thanks to bbbbbr)
  • Fixed an issue where remote debugging would suspend on start even though stopOnEntry is false (thanks to narbys)
  • Fixed a regression in Mastersystem / Game Gear sound emulation that could cause audible pops (thanks to Atmostfear)
  • Fixed a regression in MSX disk emulation that could cause disk operations to fail while they shouldn’t (thanks to Zipper)
  • Fixed a regression with Game Boy joypad delays (thanks to Under4Mhz)
  • Fixed an issue with watch expressions referencing banked data in remote debugging (thanks to FerrantePescara)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause local variables to be missing when C debugging (thanks to FerrantePescara)