An update of Emulicious is available

An update of Emulicious is available.

This update comes with the following improvements:

  • Added filter for reads to the Event Viewer
  • Added support for multi-byte symbols from tbl files (thanks to borkitall)
  • Added configurable keyboard shortcuts for exit and screenshot (thanks to Under4Mhz)
  • Minor speedup of Game Boy emulation
  • Better handle PUSHS/POPS in Outline (thanks to Eievui)
  • Fixed that for the SMS/MSX VDP old value and new value were swapped in the Event Viewer (thanks to sverx)
  • Fixed a layout issue on Mac OS (thanks to vinheim3)
  • Fixed a layout issue with the registers table (thanks to bbbbbr)
  • Fixed a layout issue with the expressions table on Ubuntu (thanks to bbbbbr)
  • Fixed a sound resampling issue (thanks to alexmush)
  • Fixed that the savestates did not correctly restore the state of the SMS audio mixer (thanks to alexmush)
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the Profile From Line option to add a profiler (thanks to bbbbbr)
  • Fixed an issue that made signed C types display unsigned values in the VS Code adapter (thanks to Eric Abroad)
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to unmapped lines when using RGBDS’s FOR directive (thanks to rondnelson99)