A new update of Emulicious has been released

A new update of Emulicious has arrived!

With this new version you can finally enjoy your favorite games in fullscreen! You can enter fullscreen by either pressing ALT+ENTER or from the Graphics menu.

The debugger has been extended by watchpoints (aka memory breakpoints) that will halt execution on a read/write of a specified memory location.

The memory editor has been extended by a find dialog that allows searching the memory. Besides that the memory editor now supports simple table files.

Major update for Emulicious

Emulicious received a major update!

New features include:

  • SEGA Game Gear Emulation
  • Emulation of Master System/Game Gear Legacy Video Modes
  • Debugger
  • Palette Viewer
  • Tilemap Viewer
  • Memory Tracer
  • IPS Patching