KiddEd – Minor Update Released

A minor update of KiddEd has been released!

It comes with a few bugfixes including a bugfix for the auto-updater.

Due to a bug in the auto-updater of the previous version of KiddEd some users weren’t able to start KiddEd anymore. These users need to manually download the new version. In this new version the bug has been fixed. After updating you will receive updates automatically again. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

KiddEd – Major Update Released

A major update of KiddEd has been released!

This update comes with lots of improvements and several new features:

  • The Text Editor has been extended by a free text editor that allows you to control the whole shape of text boxes via control sequences.
    A control sequence begins with a backslash followed by a single letter for the direction (l – left, u – up, r – right, d – down) followed by the amount to travel
  • A Sprite Tileset Editor has been added that allows you to modify the sprite tilesets that are available for sprite tilesets in the Tileset Editor
  • The Tileset Editor has been enhanced to allow adding/removing level additional and main tilesets. Furthermore, level main tilesets can now also be used as level additional tilesets.

The Whats New file has been added to the project to let you keep track on what’s new more easily.

KiddEd – Major Update Released

A major update of KiddEd has been released!

This update comes with lots of improvements and several new features:

  • The whole UI of KiddEd has been overhauled and all editors can now freely be resized. Checkout the new setting in the settings menu to see if you prefer integer scaling or scaling to window size. You can also use ALT+Mousewheel to zoom in and out.
  • In old versions of KiddEd if you placed new money bags in a level with castle layout they used to respawn when a screen was reentered. With this new version this misbehavior has been fixed.
  • The main editor of KiddEd now also supports to copy&paste only the layout of a screen without its entites and without adding a new screen.
  • The tile editor now allows to add/remove tiles from level main/additional tilesets.
  • The level settings editor now additionally allows to convert a level to castle layout.
  • The tileset editor now allows to move around level main/additional tilesets within a tileset.
  • The sprite editor now allows to edit the tiles used in a sprite.
  • The sound editor now allows to change the looping property of music.
  • A new hack has been added that allows to edit the hidden entites in Cragg Lake.
  • For castle layout a new hack has been added to stop Alex from walking from the start of the level.

KiddEd Major Update Release + Romhack Competition

A major update of KiddEd has been released!

With this new version you can now finally have individual metatilesets for each level. That means you can change the metatileset for one level without affecting the metatileset of any other level. This allows for much more variety and flexibility in the level design.

Furthermore, you can now change the priorities of sound effects in the Sound Editor. These priority is considered when a sound effect is triggered while another sound effect is playing.
In this case, the new sound effect will only play if its priority is equal or higher to the priority of the sound effect that is currently playing.
The new sound effect will then cancel the current sound effect and start playing instead.
For music you can now setup whether a song should loop or not (only works with the PSGlib Sound Engine).

The archive now contains two additional files (you will also get these via the automatic update system):

  • Entities.txt – contains a mapping between entity numbers and entity names
  • Triggers.txt – contains explanations on how the different triggers work

Romhack Competition

For this year’s competition SMSPower also allows romhacks as entrants to the competition. If you’re working on a romhack using KiddEd it would be great if you could join the competition. Otherwise you might still be interested in at least checking out what others are creating with KiddEd.

KiddEd Update Release

Another update of KiddEd has been released today!

It comes with the following changes:

  • Most importantly: The issue with the Everdrive has been solved. All hacks saved with the new version of KiddEd can be played on an Everdrive now.
  • Fixed a bug that had stopped the bonus level from working correctly after adding screens to level 3
  • A bug in KiddEd’s PSGlib sound engine has been fixed that could cause all sounds to be muted (thanks to Alianger for pointing it out)
  • Zoom and undo/redo have been added to the Metatileset Editor
  • The tileset selection has been removed from the Nametable Editor
  • All editors are now limited to valid tiles
  • The name of Alex during Janken Match has been added to the Text Editor (thanks to EmuBoarding for pointing this out)

KiddEd Major Update Release

A major update of KiddEd has been released!
For Windows users that don’t have Java installed on their system an alternative download including Java binaries has been added to the Downloads on KiddEd’s page.

The update comes with several improvements. Many bugs have been fixed.

A first draft of a Physics Editor has been added. It allows editing the physics of Alex Kidd.

Hitboxes can now be selected for every sprite. They can be edited with the new Hitbox Editor accessed from the Sprite Editor’s Edit menu.

The Sound Editor has been improved. It allows importing VGM files directly now and can export to PSG format. Besides that it allows adding new music slots, so for example you can use different songs for each level.

A french localization of the GUI has been added (translation by Revo). You can find it in Settings->Language.

Check it out