KiddEd Major Update Release

A major update of KiddEd has been released!
For Windows users that don’t have Java installed on their system an alternative download including Java binaries has been added to the Downloads on KiddEd’s page.

The update comes with several improvements. Many bugs have been fixed.

A first draft of a Physics Editor has been added. It allows editing the physics of Alex Kidd.

Hitboxes can now be selected for every sprite. They can be edited with the new Hitbox Editor accessed from the Sprite Editor’s Edit menu.

The Sound Editor has been improved. It allows importing VGM files directly now and can export to PSG format. Besides that it allows adding new music slots, so for example you can use different songs for each level.

A french localization of the GUI has been added (translation by Revo). You can find it in Settings->Language.

Check it out