KiddEd – Major Update Released

A major update of KiddEd has been released!

This update comes with lots of improvements and several new features:

  • The whole UI of KiddEd has been overhauled and all editors can now freely be resized. Checkout the new setting in the settings menu to see if you prefer integer scaling or scaling to window size. You can also use ALT+Mousewheel to zoom in and out.
  • In old versions of KiddEd if you placed new money bags in a level with castle layout they used to respawn when a screen was reentered. With this new version this misbehavior has been fixed.
  • The main editor of KiddEd now also supports to copy&paste only the layout of a screen without its entites and without adding a new screen.
  • The tile editor now allows to add/remove tiles from level main/additional tilesets.
  • The level settings editor now additionally allows to convert a level to castle layout.
  • The tileset editor now allows to move around level main/additional tilesets within a tileset.
  • The sprite editor now allows to edit the tiles used in a sprite.
  • The sound editor now allows to change the looping property of music.
  • A new hack has been added that allows to edit the hidden entites in Cragg Lake.
  • For castle layout a new hack has been added to stop Alex from walking from the start of the level.