KiddEd Update Release

Another update of KiddEd has been released today!

It comes with the following changes:

  • Most importantly: The issue with the Everdrive has been solved. All hacks saved with the new version of KiddEd can be played on an Everdrive now.
  • Fixed a bug that had stopped the bonus level from working correctly after adding screens to level 3
  • A bug in KiddEd’s PSGlib sound engine has been fixed that could cause all sounds to be muted (thanks to Alianger for pointing it out)
  • Zoom and undo/redo have been added to the Metatileset Editor
  • The tileset selection has been removed from the Nametable Editor
  • All editors are now limited to valid tiles
  • The name of Alex during Janken Match has been added to the Text Editor (thanks to EmuBoarding for pointing this out)