KiddEd Major Update Release + Romhack Competition

A major update of KiddEd has been released!

With this new version you can now finally have individual metatilesets for each level. That means you can change the metatileset for one level without affecting the metatileset of any other level. This allows for much more variety and flexibility in the level design.

Furthermore, you can now change the priorities of sound effects in the Sound Editor. These priority is considered when a sound effect is triggered while another sound effect is playing.
In this case, the new sound effect will only play if its priority is equal or higher to the priority of the sound effect that is currently playing.
The new sound effect will then cancel the current sound effect and start playing instead.
For music you can now setup whether a song should loop or not (only works with the PSGlib Sound Engine).

The archive now contains two additional files (you will also get these via the automatic update system):

  • Entities.txt – contains a mapping between entity numbers and entity names
  • Triggers.txt – contains explanations on how the different triggers work

Romhack Competition

For this year’s competition SMSPower also allows romhacks as entrants to the competition. If you’re working on a romhack using KiddEd it would be great if you could join the competition. Otherwise you might still be interested in at least checking out what others are creating with KiddEd.