KiddEd – Major Update Released

A major update of KiddEd has been released!

This update comes with lots of improvements and several new features:

  • The Text Editor has been extended by a free text editor that allows you to control the whole shape of text boxes via control sequences.
    A control sequence begins with a backslash followed by a single letter for the direction (l – left, u – up, r – right, d – down) followed by the amount to travel
  • A Sprite Tileset Editor has been added that allows you to modify the sprite tilesets that are available for sprite tilesets in the Tileset Editor
  • The Tileset Editor has been enhanced to allow adding/removing level additional and main tilesets. Furthermore, level main tilesets can now also be used as level additional tilesets.

The Whats New file has been added to the project to let you keep track on what’s new more easily.