New version of Emulicious available

A new version of Emulicious is available!

This update comes with some UI improvements and several bug fixes.

The full list of changes follows:

  • Added support for searching in HRAM and SRAM via RAM Search (thanks to Kadalyn)
  • Added support for debug messages with printf-like format specifiers (thanks to toxa)
  • Added an exception breakpoint for when a push instructions attempts to write to ROM
  • Added an option for big endian to RAM Search (thanks to Kadalyn)
  • Some UI improvements
  • Fixed that when sav files were saved to Emulicious’s sav folder, they did not always get loaded from there (thanks to adac)
  • Fixed that when the status bar of the Memory Editor wrapped to a second line, it could cover the selected byte (thanks to Kadalyn)
  • Fixed that in RAM Search the last row could not be deleted manually (thanks to Kadalyn)
  • Fixed that locations did not workin conditions (thanks to QubixDS)
  • Fixed that some variables did not work in conditions (thanks ot QubixDS)