Major update for Emulicious released

A major update for Emulicious got released. This update comes with several UI improvements for the Debugger.

Finally, the Variables that has only been available during remote debugging are now also available in the built-in debugger.

The full list of improvements and fixes follows:

  • Added a Variables tab to the Debugger
  • Added a Breakpoints tab to the Debugger
  • Added a Console tab to the Debugger
  • Added a Call Stack to the Debugger
  • Added a Toolbar to the Debugger
  • Added Control Flow Arrows to the Debugger
  • Added an option to the Debugger’s context menu to watch the selected expression
  • Added support for ld d,d message logging for Game Boy
  • Reorganized the MSX menu (thanks to theNestruo)
  • When MSX is emulated, do not open the menu when ALT is pressed (thanks to theNestruo)
  • Fixed wrong colors of underline in Memory Editor
  • Fixed an issue with the initial layout (on first start of Emulicious) of the Tile Viewer
  • Fixed an issue with Remote Debugging that could disconnect the remote debugger on launch if a ROM was already loaded