Emulicious got updated

This update fixes several issues. For example, some users (mainly Linux users) have reported that the initial sizes of the viewers were too small. So when they first opened them, they weren’t usable until they resized them. This issues should be fixed now.

Furthermore, a new speed option has been added: Sync To Audio. This option syncs the emulation to the audio samples. This option can help users that have sound issues like crackling noises or stuttering sound.

The full list of improvements follows:

  • Improved the stability of the profiler
  • Added TMS palette as alternative palette for the Tile Viewer for SMS (thanks to sverx)
  • Added tooltips for the additional registers in the debugger
  • Added Sync To Audio as a new speed option
  • Added an option to the Memory Editor to copy the currently selected address
  • Fixed inproper initial window sizes for the viewers on some (mostly Linux) systems (thanks to basxto)
  • Fixed an incompatibility with Java 16, thank you Oracle… (thanks to RicardoLuis0)
  • Fixed that for small window sizes of the debugger, it did not properly scroll to the current address (thanks to Kabcorp)
  • Fixed an issue with Game Boy’s sweep sometimes falsely muting the channel (thanks to DevEd and kivan117)
  • Fixed that on SMS the Tile Viewer used a wrong tile as the bottom tile of 8×16 tiles in 2nd bank of tiles
  • Fixed that an expression reading from non-existant cartridge RAM crashed the debugger (thanks to TypeDefinition)
  • Fixed wrong row/column numbers in Tilemap Viewer when grid is enabled
  • Fixed that sometimes the breakpoint console stopped updating
  • Fixed that Game Gear ports did not trigger port breakpoints (thanks to sverx and djbass)