Emulicious update available

An update of Emulicious got released.

The full list of changes follows.

  • Added raw value for tilemap/sprite attributes
  • Fixed a reset of the emulated system even caused the debugger to go on top even if it wasn’t suspended
  • Fixed Reload ROM option was disabled when a zip file was loaded and the zip file extension was not lowercase
  • Fixed that disabling turbo sometimes caused a bit of stutter before it got back to normal speed
  • Fixed an issue in the MSX mapper detection (thanks to Revo)
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Emulicious to go unresponsive when a rom is inside a folder named src (thanks to basxto)
  • Fixed that integer scaling and stretch to window could be enabled at the same time (thanks to Stiffie)
  • Fixed adding of expressions from symbols included symbols for rom bank 3 (thanks to sverx)
  • Fixed layout issue in Tilemap Viewer on Mac OS (thanks to romes)
  • Fixed warning when running on Mac OS (thanks to romes)
  • Fixed an issue with remote debugging of C code that could make Emulicious unresponsive for some mins (thanks to Alex Cash)