Emulicious received an update

An update for Emulicious is available!

The full list of changes follows:

  • Added Cartridge variable to investigate the current state of the cartridge hardware (thanks to ISSOtm and ax6)
  • Fixed a deadlock issue that could be caused by Reset while profiling (thanks to ISSOtm)
  • Fixed the symbol listed for the bank operator in the expressions manual (thanks to superdisk)
  • Fixed a regression in sound quality of Game Boy emulation (thanks to superdisk)
  • Fixed an issue with Game Boy window emulation (thanks to Kabcorp and sukus)
  • Fixed an issue with Step Out when C debugging
  • Fixed that the debugger could show a port name for an SRAM address
  • Fixed that No Disk for MSX’s Disk B could not be selected
  • Improved Copy address in the Memory Editor’s status bar (thanks to Antígeno)
  • Improved mapper detection for SEGA Mastersystem (thanks to tbsp)