Minor update for Emulicious Available

An update for Emulicious is available!
The full list of changes follows:

  • Added an exception that triggers for an incorrect Game Boy cartridge header (thanks to leina)
  • Added missing register annotations in Memory Editor for Game Boy’s HRAM (thanks to ISSOtm)
  • Added some more variables for Game Boy, most notably APU variables (thanks to ISSOtm)
  • Improved wording in table headers of profiler (thanks to ISSOtm)
  • Fixed that if the status bar of the Memory Editor grows after selection, it could hide the selected address
  • Fixed that for Mastersystem VRAM write events the old and new value were swapped (thanks to Aissen)
  • Fixed a regression that could cause unsigned variables in remote debugging to be displayed with signed values (thanks to MyNewSoundtrack)
  • Fixed a regression that could cause wrong breakpoints to be added when double-clicking the ruler on banked code (thanks to purple tissue box)
  • Fixed a bug where the disassembler did not amend an instruction on a sub-instruction boundary (thanks to ISSOtm)