Major update of Emulicious available

An update of Emulicious is available!

This update comes with support for debugfiles and several other improvements and fixes.

The full list of changes follows:

  • Added support for debugfiles (thanks to ax6 and ISSOtm)
  • Added options for font anti aliasing (thanks to ISSOtm)
  • Made most variables in the Variables tab editable (thanks to leina)
  • Made the Memory Editor reduce the spacing between bytes if Show Registers is disabled (thanks to ISSOtm)
  • Improved invalid VDP access exception to catch a case that hadn’t been caught yet (thanks to sverx)
  • Fixed a crash that could be caused by cheats (thanks to Revo)
  • Fixed an issue that had caused memory mapped ports to not be displayed using their names (thanks to ISSOtm)
  • Fixed an issue in the Memory Tracer that could make it display an incorrect source for WRAM (thanks to ISSOtm)
  • Fixed the tooltip shown when hovering hli (thanks to ISSOtm)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the disassembler to timeout too quickly when remote debugging (thanks to pokeglitch)
  • Fixed the mnemonic used for the ldh opcode using the c register (thanks to ax6)
  • Fixed that code didn’t get amended when its being executed on a sub-instruction byte (thanks to ISSOtm and Maxim)
  • Fixed color of caret in dark mode if OS uses light mode
  • Fixed an issue in the Sprite Viewer that could falsly display sprites as 8×16 (thanks to 256)