A new version of KiddEd is available

A new version of KiddEd is available. It comes with several additions, improvements and bugfixes.

  • Added a hack to make the character flash during invincibility instead of changing his color
  • Added a hack to make items flash before they vanish
  • Added the tiles of petrified Janken to the Tile Editor
  • Made it possible to add tiles to the Hirotta Stone Tileset
  • Fixed a bug in the hack „Make shocking waves of destruction hit only once“ because of which octopus tentacles couldn’t be hit by shocking waves anymore
  • The starting screen of a level with castle layout can contain entities now these entities won’t get loaded when the level is started but when the starting screen is reentered
  • On Mac OS when KiddEd is closed via Cmd+Q it will ask if changes should be saved (thanks to Kilkakon)
  • Several minor bugfixes and UI improvements