A new version of Emulicious available

An update of Emulicious is available.

This update comes with several bugfixes and a few additions.

The full list of improvements follows:

  • Added option to hide the CPU usage graph
  • Added Compare and Comparator to Cheats (thanks to TheAlmightyGuru)
  • Added -linkport option to specify the port used for the Game Boy link cable (thanks to Junji Takakura)
  • Added VDP addresses to the Variables tree (thanks to toxa)
  • Added VDP labels to the Memory Editor
  • Added support for ld d,d debugging messages for the remaining systems (thanks to bbbbbr)
  • Improved usability of the Cheats window (thanks to Revo)
  • Persist the selected tab in the Video Viewer
  • Fixed the VRAM address shown for tiles of the TMS modes in the Tile Viewer
  • Fixed support for watchpoint set from the I/O tab of the Memory Editor for Game Boy
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an incorrect state of the debugger’s toolbar after loading a state (thanks to JoseJX)
  • Fixed a rendering issue of the status bar of the Memory Editor (thanks to Kabcorp)
  • Fixed that the color cache did not get invalidated when manually changing CGB palettes (thanks to Eievui and Sono)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause C source-level debugging not to work with MSX (thanks to Mallow)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause global variables from SDCC sources to display wrong values (thanks to joyrider3774)