A major update of KiddEd is available

A new version of KiddEd is available. It comes with several additions, improvements and bugfixes:

  • Fixed alignment of sprites in Sprite Editor while holding CTRL key
  • Added the hack „Die in place until sound finishes“
  • Fixed a memory leak that could slow down KiddEd after using it for a while
  • Added explanations about entity priorities to the ReadMe files
  • In the Text Editor fallback to blue background if defined background is black
  • Added Spanish localization (thanks to kusfo)
  • Attempt to start KiddEd with system locale on first start
  • Fixed an issue with entities after continuing after swiming down into a jar
  • In Sprite Editor show weapon hitboxes when hitboxes are enabled
  • Increased space for the level editor to make offscreen entities more visible
  • Made ladders work properly in scrolling levels
  • Added circling flame to Physics Editor
  • Added missing portuguese translations (thanks to MasterEmerald)
  • Added Duration property for Merman in Physics Editor
  • Some other bugfixes and usability improvements