Download issues solved and update released

Some people have experienced issues downloading files from These issues should be solved now. If you still encounter problems with downloads from this website please report them so they can be solved as soon as possible.


An update of Emulicious has been released. The update comes with additional options for the tracer and introduces an outline to the debugger.
The outline helps you navigate through code more easily by providing a structured representation of the code. It is directly linked to the selection of the debugger so it can also help to orient yourself in the code.
The tracer can be controlled using conditions now.  You can define conditions on which to start/end tracing and a condition on which to trace an instruction at all.
Besides that the tracer allows you to provide an expression to be evaluated before each instruction being traced. The result of the evaluation is appended to the trace. This way you can add additional information to your trace. For example if you want to watch the value in RAM at $c000 you can set the expression to „@$c000“. Using this expression each line of your trace will also show you the value at $c000.